AGORA software complex presentation

On the 23d of April 2010, as part of the process of EMS subsystem development for the System Operator UES, Russia, Monitor Electric , JSC, together with the Spanish company AIA Gruppo presented software complex AGORA (Advanced Grid Observation Reliable Algorithms) , which is designed to monitor the electrical network (topological processor, state estimation, N-2 assessment of the reliability, optimal flows, automated subsystem for mode recovery after power system breakdown - Restoration Plan). Adaptation works lasted 1.5 year.


The presentation was held using the real South power pool system's telemetric data, simulating elimination of a system collapse in the eastern part of the grid. Software complex was installed to the server in Pyatigorsk, and the results of its work, in remote mode, were assessed by a team of the System Operator specialists in Moscow.

Summing up, it was pointed out that real work of the complex with that functionality was demonstrated in the System Operator for the first time. Subsystem Restoration Plan may be the prototype of a future Operator Advisor.