CK-Proxy aids System Operator's migration to the ICCP protocol

In February 2013, SO UPS and Monitor Electric accomplished migration of data exchange between main and supra-regional centers to the standard protocol IEC 870-6-503 (TASE.2, ICCP). Also a few regional control centers were involved. After a long testing period the ICCP protocol has become the main way for telemetric data exchange between System Operator control centers in Russia.

The ICCP protocol replaces legacy telemetric protocols and Russian “machine-to-machine” data exchange protocol FDST. IEC standard implementation expands opportunities for common information environment within both Russian and neighboring countries' power systems.

The ICCP interface module was developed by Monitor Electric in 2010. Later that year it was tested for compatibility with Siemens products. In 2011 the first successful data exchange via our ICCP implementation between two real control centers: ODU South (Southern supra-regional Control Center), Pyatigorsk and Azerenerjy Control Center, Baku, was performed.

In spring 2013 operational data exchange was organized between SO Main Dispatcher Center, Moscow, on the one hand and NPC “Ukrenergo”, Kiev, and Belarus Main Control Center, Minsk on the other hand. We are planning to help System Operators of Finland and Georgia to migrate data exchange to the ICCP protocol.

Communication Front-end CK-Proxy developed by Monitor Electric is used in all SO UPS supra-regional control centers and in Belarus Main Control Center.

We implemented our own IEC 870-6-503 protocol library, which overlies the standard MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification) layer. This way of implementation ensures high performance and load capacitance; 1,2,3,8 ICCP blocks support; large adaptation capabilities according to the standard specifications.

Monitor Electric product CK-Proxy supports all essential services for communication between control centers and meets all security requirements for data exchange.