Back in 1990 a group of colleagues and friends who shared concerns about the future of information technology in power industry, realizing that due to new opportunities they could and should affect the reality, joined into a creative team. Through the years, undergoing quantitative and qualitative changes, this team has evolved into the software company. Here are the key milestones on this path:

  • development and independent implementation of software products in the region;
  • geographic expansion, work at improving software functionality and reliability;
  • gaining support and recognition among a wide range of clients; becoming a successful bidder of major tenders; passing the implementation of software over to business partners;
  • focusing on improving production technology, technical support, training and certification of users and partners;
  • increasing the importance of integration when developing complex solutions for tasks which customers have to face; work at a new trend of product development: the creation of platform solutions which integrate other developers' products;
  • improving the efficiency of management; in response to the growing scale and importance of the projects under development, company hardened work on making business process more efficient by formalizing the principles of project management;
  • bringing products and business activity in line with international standards;
  • work at enhancing international relations as well as partnership with global leaders in power industry information technology and automation, providing software to CIS countries and abroad.


In 2018 the company celebrated its 15th anniversary. We've implemented a lot of small and large-scale projects, many of which have already become a part of history. Today we realize great demand for our work and know our potential. Long experience and tendency to use modern technologies enable Monitor Electric staff to find the best possible solutions to meet customers' needs, using in-house and other manufacturers' products. The results of our development work are efficiently used in the process of creating complex projects of technological processes control automation, both at independent utilities and electric power corporations. Recently Monitor Electric has been actively and successfully engaged in the development, implementation and maintenance of the complex software for process automation of control centers in power industry. We carry out system projects on a turn-key basis as well as design, expertise, integration, implementation and maintenance works for hardware and software complexes of different degree of complexity. We maintain scientific, engineering and technical cooperation with colleagues from the USA, Germany, Spain, and primarily base our work on the Russian specialists' potential aiming at turning the software development skill into a full-scale industry which provides world-class products.


The company keeps evolving. We work at increasing our potential and capabilities both in the already explored and new directions. The basic principle of our work remains unchanged: providing high-quality solutions and keeping focus on customer's needs.

Our products and services are implemented at power engineering facilities across the country, and that gives grounds for looking to the future with optimism. We also have belief that using our engineers' experience and skills we will be able to bring information technology in power industry to a whole-new level, meeting the needs of Russia of the 21st century.

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