Modern scalable platform

64-bit platform greatly enhances the scalability of systems based on CK-2007C.

Use of industrial DBMS to store operational information

Ensure openness and reliability of the complex, increases flexibility of work with the categories of operational information with different behavior rules and storage formats.

One time axis

Real-time platform CK-2007C at the kernel level removes the boundaries between the real time (current) data layer and the data for past and future, providing for the clients (users / applications), "seamless" sliding along the time axis on the data.

Extensive communication capabilities

Both at the adapter level of data exchange via standard protocols, and at the level of technologies of inter-program interaction.

Secure communications

Meets information security requirements for the exchange of telemetric data with external systems on the IP-protocols.

Support for two time stamps for each parameter

Receive, processing and storage of two time stamps for telemetry data – the time of birth and the time of receipt in the complex.

Unique real-time platform performance

Up to standard of the best similar solutions presented at the global market.

Technology to ensure receive, processing, storage and presentation of large amounts of data in real time mode

Decimation of data while keeping the curve shape, filtering by various criteria, and real-time compression can significantly reduce the size of the repository with unchanged amount of data and significantly increase the flow of data received and processed by the complex.


Receive, processing and storing of operational data time stamp with one millisecond accuracy.

Support for CIM

Support for CIM maintenance for a controlled object and ensuring access to it according to group of CIM standards.


Support for SNMP monitoring of software, hardware and network infrastructure of the complex to enable display this information using standard means of CK-2007C. Support for the event generation and notification in case of violation of the specified conditions.

Maintenance of the normal diagram

Capability to define a base normal state and a planned normal state for a specified period for the information model objects with tracking of deviations.


Any modern software package designed to execute business functions of the enterprise must not only conform to the technical specifications, which can be formalized and included in the specification, but to some common expected claims, which are difficult to formalize. However, they often make up a significant portion of the customer's wishes and are detected after passing through the implementation phase.

Below you can find basic requirements to a modern SCADA/EMS/DMS/MMS system and the mail solutions for that which are realized in CK-2007C.

Reliablity and security

Hardware and software redundancy. Full integration with MS Active Directory. Logging of user actions. Possibility of preferential licensing of additional domains for training and testing of new versions and changes.


Network distributed architecture. Capability to create a complex system based on a single server cluster, multiple server structure with the effective use of all available resources of the hardware platform, the choice of which depends on the required level of reliability and performance.

Extensive integration capabilities with both modern and legacy widespread applications

Unified information environment, application server functions, ready for integration adapters with many popular systems and technologies, support for international integration standards.

Openness and extensibility

The open modular architecture and interfaces. Tools for access to the kernel and archives of the complex via a standard documented API, SQL-data access, industry-standard technologies.

Usability and user-friendly interface

The modern multi-window graphical display system, designed for operation under OS Windows. Using the latest Microsoft achievements and standards in graphical interfaces for all programs. Graphical web-interface.


Detailed documentation in 10 volumes. Technology of keeping it up to date by taking into account received comments and suggestions.

Flexibility of licensing and pricing policy

Possibility to purchase a package of software complex consisting of components necessary and sufficient for the customer. Acquisition of additional components and versions of the complex as needed. The transition from version to version while retaining the entire accumulated base of reference and operational data.


Widespread and well-supported homogeneous system platform from Microsoft provides simple and inexpensive maintenance and removes most of the need for training of personnel. A full-scale automated software update system of the complex (both server and client parts) reduces maintenance costs. A full package of tools for configuration and controlled object settings in the complex allows developing a system by customer service personnel without expert help from manufacturer.

Proven implementation and training technologies

There is a group of partner companies for the implementation of certified professionals. A flexible system implementation: from installation and basic configuration to the "turnkey" implementation with the performance of all works on data engineering, configuring on controlled object and commissioning. Proven system of cooperation with customer experts, speeding up the process of implementation and development of the complex, eliminates errors in setting according to the customer requirements.

Center for training and certification

The unique method of personnel training for installation, configuration, administration and operation of the complex. Regular refresher training and certification of the customer specialists.

Technical support and feedback

Automated comments and suggestions management system working via CRM-Service at Monitor Electric website. Modern technologies and tools for processing and fixing problems. Traditional forms of support: 24/7 consulting and requests receive by phone and e-mail. Regular (1 per quarter) software upgrades.

Russian product and technology

Low cost, lack of currency risk, no need for adaptation to Russian conditions, ability to create additional custom subsystems in the shortest possible time. Highly technical support. Software adaptive to changing conditions, requirements and rules of work in proper time.

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