New Branch in Krasnodar
11-14-2013 | Miscellaneous

New Branch in Krasnodar

On October 11, Monitor Electric opened its production branch in Krasnodar.

10-16-2013 | Miscellaneous

Monitor Electric plays host to Georgian State Electric System (GSE) executives

A business meeting between Monitor Electric and Georgian State Electric System (GSE) executives was held at the headquarters of Monitor Electric in Pyatigorsk.

09-20-2013 | Miscellaneous

Sport competitions unite regional energy companies

Over the weekend, on September, 14-15, volleyball, futsal, cheerleading competitions and shooting tournament, organized by the Southern branch of Russian Federal Grid Company were held.

09-05-2013 | Miscellaneous

Monitor Electric took a shot at The Autumn thunder marathon

On Sunday, August 4, The Fourth annual Half Marathon 'Autumn Thunder' took place in Moscow as a preliminary to Moscow Marathon 2013. Thousands of professional sportspeople and amateurs participated in 21 and 10 km dashes. Junior runners had to cover 1 km distance.
Ilya Sazonov, one of the staff members of Monitor Electric, JSC, also jumped at an opportunity to participate in the marathon. He came in 471 in the men's dash. He managed to do it in 1 h 46 min 1 sec.

Smolensk branch office
04-18-2013 | Miscellaneous

Employees of Smolensk branch moved to a new office

Last week, Smolensk branch of Monitor Electric began full operation in the new office.

Ten year anniversary!
03-28-2013 | Miscellaneous

Ten year anniversary!

Time runs fast, we change and mature. Today our company celebrates 10 year anniversary.

Congratulations to the staff with the glorious date!

Monitor Electric software engineers celebrate new home
03-22-2013 | Miscellaneous

Monitor Electric software engineers celebrate new home

On March, 22, there was a grand opening of a new software engineering center of Monitor Electric in Pyatigorsk. The building is located in the neighborhood of the company's headquarters. The Software Engineering Center is fully dedicated to software development. Software engineers, programmers, testers, technical writers will work there.

Monitor Electric Football Team
03-21-2013 | Miscellaneous

Sport Festival Starts Celebrations

Last weekend on March 16-17, Monitor Electric organized competitions between regional power industry companies in futsal, volleyball, table tennis and chess. The sports festival was dedicated to the 10-year anniversary of our company.

Monitor Electric team
10-10-2012 | Miscellaneous

We got Silver!

On October, 10, at the open sports field of the branch of System Operator - UDO South there was a futsal match among the teams of Monitor Electric, MES South and united team of UDO South and North Caucasus RDO. The match was held to celebrate the National Unity Day. Fight for the first prize burst out between the teams.

Monitor Electric’s flag on the roof of Europe
05-10-2012 | Miscellaneous

Monitor Electric’s flag on the roof of Europe

Yan Sevalnev and Alan Spelnikov, Monitor Electric employees, celebrated the Great Victory Day, May 9, climbing on the highest point of Europe – the Western peak of Mount Elbrus.

We are proud of our sportsmen and congratulate everyone on this holiday.

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